5 October 2010

Marathon Runner

Posted by Michael Pingicer, MS, LAc, under: .

About 2 and a half years ago, I started to see Michael in order to treat a running related injury. Michael was the perfect acupuncturist for me. He has the right mix of familiarity with acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and sports medicine. While my running injury was successfully treated, I’ve moved on from treating the specific problems to the more general approach towards holistic treatment. I’m happy to say that I’ve run 8 marathons since I’ve been seeing Michael and have never had a problem either in the training or in the recovery.

I’ve continued to see Michael to improve my overall sense of well being and help prevent small problems from becoming large problems. We start each session with a rundown of how my physical and mental health has been going over the past week or two. There’s a nice sense of continuity as we review the ups and downs that life brings as well as the patterns related to energy and stress. From time to time we’ve successfully used some Chinese herbs to augment the acupuncture treatments.

Michael’s technique with the acupuncture needles is very smooth. I’ve recommended friends who have never been to acupuncture before because I know that they will not have a painful or unpleasant experience. I’ve been treated by many acupuncturists over the past several years and feel that Michael is the right person for someone who is looking to either help a specific problem or improve their overall sense of well-being.

– Michael, Accountant, NYC

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