31 March 2010

Immunity Boosting & Insomnia

Posted by Michael Pingicer, MS, LAc, under: .

I started seeing Michael a year and a half ago, my immune system and sleep pattern have improved overwhelmingly. I used to get at least 2 or 3 awful sinus infections every year; I have not had any since seeing him for treatment.

– Alexis, Dancer, Brooklyn, NY

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    World-Class Athlete with Hip Pain

    Having an injury as a college Division-1 and nationally-ranked athlete is miserable. I had exceeded all other options and felt as though nothing was going to help. The pain was unbearable which is why it is a blessing to have met Michael. He is very professional and listened to everything about the injury. I felt as though he really understood and I trusted him. His acupuncture and bodywork is the only thing that helped my hip and back pain. I was able to compete and be at top performance. I went back to him for a shoulder injury too. I will always go to him if I need anything. He is great! I am definitely a believer in acupuncture and his work! It is seriously the only thing that helped me. Thank you, Michael!

    – Jessica, Division-1 & Nationally-Ranked Swimmer, Montréal, QC Canada

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