5 October 2010

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Posted by Michael Pingicer, MS, LAc, under: .

To say the Michael helped me change my life is an understatement. For years I had been on the modern American medical treadmill, taking cycle after cycle of antibiotics for a “tough” case of tonsillitis that none of my doctors could “cure.” After several years of this, the last option given to me was to have my tonsils removed. For some reason, my instincts told me that I should keep them. I was disillusioned with the medical establishment’s “5 minutes” of time with me and I set out to find an alternative.

From my first meeting with Michael, my entire concept of health and well-being changed. Right from my first session with him, he instilled in me an honest feeling that he was truly concerned for my well-being and I immediately sensed his real desire to get to the root of my problem and help me help myself. Without getting into too much detail, he was able to diagnose and treat the true cause of my recurring tonsillitis, guide me towards a proper diet and exercise regimen that would help keep the problem from recurring and put me on a path to better health and well-being.

His greatest gift, beyond his amazing expertise at diagnosing problems and his deftness at the actual act of needling, is his willingness to share and pass on the knowledge he has gained over his years of training. He can distill very complex concepts of ancient Chinese medicine into clear explanations that anyone can understand and will encourage you to integrate these concepts into your daily life. Whether it relates to mental well-being, meditation, diet, exercise or more complex concepts such as the energetics of food and the balances of the five flavors, it is this all-encompassing approach that puts Michael head and shoulders above his peers, as well as the modern medical establishment… an establishment which discourages this honest inquiry and wants you to just “take this pill.”

If you, like I, have become disillusioned with what passes for “health care” in the modern world, but are not ready to give up and become a perpetually sick statistic, please make an appointment with Michael ASAP. And remember, you do not need to be “sick” to benefit from Michael’s treatments… anyone reading this will benefit from a healthy change in life-style that Michael will help you achieve!

– Kevin, Private Investigator, NYC

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