5 October 2010

Car Crash Injuries

Posted by Michael Pingicer, MS, LAc, under: .

Michael demonstrates an empathic and positive approach by treating the WHOLE person. Notably, what started out with acupuncture treatments for tendonitis in my hands and neuritis in my foot (from past dancing days), shifted when a year later, I was in a car accident. I had severe pain from 2 herniated (and several bulging) discs in my upper and lower back. I saw a physical therapist and specialists, all of whom were very sympathetic, but they were unable to alleviate the pain. However, when Michael did acupuncture on my back the pain subsided! With his highly skilled treatment approach, I’ve been able to go back to work and get off pain medication more quickly. Now, I go for maintenance and Michael has helped me regain the emotional/physical stamina to live a more normal life again!

– Beth C., Social Worker, NYC

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    World-Class Athlete with Hip Pain

    Having an injury as a college Division-1 and nationally-ranked athlete is miserable. I had exceeded all other options and felt as though nothing was going to help. The pain was unbearable which is why it is a blessing to have met Michael. He is very professional and listened to everything about the injury. I felt as though he really understood and I trusted him. His acupuncture and bodywork is the only thing that helped my hip and back pain. I was able to compete and be at top performance. I went back to him for a shoulder injury too. I will always go to him if I need anything. He is great! I am definitely a believer in acupuncture and his work! It is seriously the only thing that helped me. Thank you, Michael!

    – Jessica, Division-1 & Nationally-Ranked Swimmer, Montréal, QC Canada

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