Massage with Kelly

Kelly Pitts, LMT

With over 10 years of experience, Kelly Pitts works with a variety of people on a regular basis:

  • new mothers

  • runners and athletes

  • people dealing with chronic illness

  • people working long hours at computers – or any kind of repetitive motion activity.

  • musicians

Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage using light to medium pressure and long gliding strokes.  Improves circulation, reduces muscle tension, and relieves stress.  Good for when you need help mentally shifting gears – and feels great to boot!

Deep Tissue Massage

A focused session addresses chronic areas of pain/muscle tension.  Slow medium-to-heavy pressure releases the deep layers of muscle near the bone.  Great for yogis, athletes, runners, and dancers!

Massage During Pregnancy

Targets common areas of discomfort- alleviates swollen ankles and tired legs.  Pillows create support & deep relief for the pregnant woman.  Kelly is fully trained and certified by a nurse-midwife practitioner in giving bodywork throughout prenatal and postpartum phases.

Hot Stones and Hot Packs Included in All Sessions

Heat is a wonderful addition as it helps soften the muscles and deepen the effects of massage.  Especially helpful for people with a tendency to be cold.  Heat allows for a deeper release of muscle tension – lets you melt into the table – literally!